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We are Pink Freud Theatre. We like to make and produce performances on and off the stage. We talk about being women or nearly women or not men. We talk about being queer. We talk about horrible things that have happened to us. We talk about great things that have happened to us. We talk about the shitty things other people do to us. We talk about the shitty things we do to other people. We talk about the shitty things that happen to other people that allow us to live how we live.


We talk about how we feel. We talk about being angry. We get angry when we talk about being angry and this often makes us cry. We talk about what we know, and we talk about what we don’t know.


We want to talk and laugh and cry and make theatre. We want to make theatre about our own experiences and see what happens.



Riz is one of the co-founders of Pink Freud Theatre.
Riz did some studying of Psychology and then Clinical Forensic Psychology.
Riz volunteered for a shamefully short month in a women’s centre in a refugee camp in Northern France.
Riz worked as a Prison Officer in both a female and a male prison.
Riz worked in a Secure Psychiatric Hospital as an Assistant Psychologist.
Riz worked as a Support and Outreach worker in London.
When Riz is creating, performing or dancing she is smiling (most of the time).
Riz has dabbled in and created theatre and dance for a while – since she was little/medium.
Riz wants to use theatre and performance to showcase and explore all the stuff that makes her angry – in a way that makes her happy.




Amelia is one of the co-founders of Pink Freud Theatre. Having directed Riz in ‘Touch Therapy, she then went on to co-write and direct a short campaign film about present day conversion therapy. Her acting credits include Helena in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ (2015), ‘Crave’ (BT, 2015), ‘Play’ and ‘That Time’ (BT, 2015) and Marlene in ‘Top Girls’ (Exeter, 2016). Her directing credits include ‘Spring Awakening’ (O’Reilly, 2015), ‘The Vagina Monologues’  (TSAF 2015) and as an assistant director  ‘Binding’ (BT, 2016) and ‘A Clockwork Orange’ (OSO Barnes, 2016). Her first short play 'Clean premiered at the Bread & Roses Theatre as part of 'The Platform' and her second short play 'Hotel House' premiered at the OSO Theatre, Barnes at Dispatches. She is a on the John Burgess Playwriting Course and is a member of the Roundhouse Poetry Collective 2018-19. She has performed her spoken word at UniSlam, TongueFu and upcoming, Brainchild Festival, Hay Festival and Last Word Festival.

To find out more about her previous work visit:


Coco studied American theatre at Rose Bruford College where she found her love for directing and writing before this she hadn’t considered these as viable career options; during her last year at Rose Bruford Coco produced and directed a feminist new writing festival as apart of the schools symposium. In the year following graduating Coco assistant directed the third year production of Vinegar Tom and an adaptation of The Crucible also at Rose Bruford. Shortly after Coco decided to focus her creative endeavours towards photography as she found a love for this new medium and has continued to use photography as her main creative outlet; she plans to venture into short film and music video making and editing in the near future. After spending years working in various theatres and bars to subsidise her creative endeavours Coco met Amelia and they bonded over a shared love for theatre, literature and poetry; soon after Amelia invited Coco to join Pink Freud for their debut show ‘Fight, Flight, Freeze, Fuck’.

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