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A Festival

15th - 18th March 2020

'Erase Erase Erupt' is back for its second year running with a new programme of theatre, performance, spoken word, cabaret, drag, dance and song from marginalised voices, curated by Pink Freud Theatre. 

Across four evenings artists will explore queerness, sexual violence, race, gender identity and more in a range of mediums. Expect a glorious programme of work from exciting emerging artists, pushing the boundaries of form and content, learning, discovering and exploding.

This year, we are really excited to be announcing three artist-led workshops to accompany the festival programme, all of which will take place on Sunday 15th March.

Once again, it is time for the voices of those who have been erased, to erupt.


Sunday 15th March

13:30 - 15:30

Zine Making Workshop

16:00 - 17:00

Here, Queer and Mentally Unclear Workshop


But But But



Jakob Noah
Rae Levine
Carlos Fernandez
Cerise Rei
Maxine Sibihwana

Young Caesar and the New Breed
Daviday Dyke

Monday 16th March







Here, Queer and Mentally Unclear


Unchained Cabaret

HOST: Lady Unchained
Asher a.k.a Tek
Sheridan a.k.a S_Man

Tuesday 17th March







But But But 



HOST: Cakey Fake
Anna Baines
Julie Teal
Cinthia Lilen
Sebastian H-W
Oshanti Ahmed
Amelie Roch

Wednesday 18th March







Here, Queer and Mentally Unclear



Lailah Choudry

Kallum Kiraly 
Honey Birch
Beth Sitek
Jacob Constable

Dirty Women


The festival runs across four nights, with a different programme each evening, details of which can be found below.

But But But


15th and 17th March

“But that only makes you more attractive.”
“But you haven’t tried with me.”
“But you don’t look gay.”

‘But But But’ is an celebratory exploration into the simultaneous dismissal and fetishisation of queer non-binary and female sexuality. We are making songs, dances, spoken word, comedy sketches, monologues, and performance art about our queerness and gender both not being seen, and how it is sexualised, open-mouthed when it is seen. 



16th and 18th March

Here, Queer, and Mentally Unclear is a semi-verbatim musical theatre production formed off the interviews of real LGBT+ individuals and their mental health journeys. Here, Queer, and Mentally Unclear explores the relationship between LGBT+ identity and mental health in a light hearted, yet real manner. It excels at enlightening and entertaining all at once, presenting a unique insight into the LGBT+ experience seldom seen in theatre, film, or television, or society at large -- and for that its’ message is extremely important. 


16th March

 Poet, performer, mentor, radio host for National Prison radio's Straightline Mix, TedXLondon speaker, and founder and Creative Director of Unchained Poetry. And now has a documentary called Unchained coming out in April on BBC Radio4.


15th March

Maxine Sibihwana is a Ugandan poet and writer based in London. She is currently doing a Masters in creative writing at Cambridge University and has read her work at festivals such as Last Word at the Roundhouse, Erase Erase Erupt, Hay Festival, Brainchild and Latitude Festival. 


1:30 - 3:30, 15th March

Amelia Brown (co-founder Pink Freud Theatre and zine enthusiast) and Lucie Arnoux (illustrator) are very excited to run Erase Erase Erupt’s first ever zine making workshop!

We have assembled a range of zine inspiration, a mass of materials and an army of glue sticks. There will be magazines to cut up and glitter to sprinkle! Together we will create a definitive Erase Erase Erupt zine which everyone will contribute their own pages to. A copy of this will be sent to everyone who takes part, after the workshop! There will also be the opportunity to create your own personal mini zines!


17th March

Cakey Fake is a singer, flinger and tassel swinger. She’s stomping the London cabaret scene armed only with the intention to fill your evening with a little sparkle. Get ready for good helping of fluffy foolishness with a tasteful side of naughty nonsense.


15th March

On a mission to bring back the Bush.

Daviday Dyke.jpg


15th March

Rae Leviné formerly known as Rae Poet is a bona fide storyteller, spoken-word artist and writer. As a performer, her unique ability to craft songs and spoken word pieces that speak about the human condition captivates audiences every time. Rae began her journey at age 13, where she discovered her musical interests through performing at the renowned Unicorn Theatre. She's previously worked with MOBOs, BBC, received an award with Capital XTRA plus caught the ears of some of the UK’s most influential artists over the years. In Early 2018, she released her long-awaited debut project ‘Tears Fall, Passion Swims’ speaking on the experiences of mental health, rediscovery and self-love.


Rae recently finished a year-long programme with Roundhouse as part of the 2018/19 Poetry Collective where she learned and discovered new techniques to elevate her writing. She is currently focused on continuing to create soundscapes tailored to tell her newly written unique stories, it's all coming together nicely as she readies her return to the poetry scene in 2020.


17th March

Cinthia Lilen is a Queer Latinx performer taking her first steps into the drag world. She has graduated from the Soho Cabaret&Drag Lab in which she gave birth to her drag persona ‘La Bish Furiosa’. They've recently performed at The Tramshed's Generator night of Drag and Cabaret hosted by Prinx Silver.


15th March

Jakob Noah is a Trans musician born in Cardiff. He recently moved to London to start his music career. His voice has been described as ' entrancingly husky' by LGBT Arts Review 2019. He combines melodious guitar and emotive lyrics to create his indie/folk sound and is excited to share some originals and covers as part of Erase Erase Erupt.


17th March

Julie has been an actress for the last 30 years in theatre, TV and radio and has recently started writing and performing at spoken word events. Julie is a collector of other people’s stories!


18th March

Jacob is a Black British Caribbean writer, and has been writing poems since he was 12. His work deals with the vast-smallness of the human experience, and is influenced by a love of languages, his studies in psychotherapy, and the childhood dream of becoming an astronaut.


18th March

Dirty Women bring you a range of sketches from the every day blokes at the pub to a 'deal or no deal' fever dream. Buckle up and prepare for these women to make you feel things you’ve never felt before.


17th March

Amélie Roch is here, queer and ready for a revolution. 


As a full-time fatty and part time artist, Amélie Roch wants to challenge the archetype we often see on stage.


Through rituals, confessionals, magic and spectacles Amélie’s work tackles systems of oppression, the importance of identity and anything else that she can't afford to go over with her therapist.


This work is for those who seek community and are ready to light the fire in their belly.


15th March

Carlos Fernandez is a queer non-binary Latinx performer. They come from Paraguay and have been living in London for about 4 years and 7 months. An actor, they recently dived into drag and writing. With their writing, they always try to tell stories that are not usually told, because voices like theirs sometimes get forgotten. With their drag they like to experiment with gender by creating a drag persona that is androgynous and not necessarily trying to be a woman or man. They graduated from the Drag & Cabaret Lab Course this past autumn, are a member of the Young Actors Company at the Theatre Royal Stratford East and will be starting a screen acting course with MN Academy which is part of the Middleweek Newton Talent Agency.




18th March

With mass extinctions, global warming and our politicians monkeying around - the apocalypse is almost definitely upon us. 

What better time to introduce the King of this world? He’s big, he’s strong and he’s no match for King Kong. The end of the world is coming and he doesn’t give a monkeys! 

Bow down and witness 2020’s King of the Concentre Jungle.  


15th March

Cerise Rei is a London based professional dancer, neo burlesque performer and choreographer. From dancing at the BRIT awards, to touring and performing internationally, she is no stranger to the stage. Her powerful, energetic and dynamic movement through dance are story-telling and take you on an immersive journey of emotions.


17th March

Sebastian H-W is a Live Artist (MX:UK) whose work explores identity, memory, technology, participation, and bodies, through cutting-edge approaches to creating live performances, action-based interventions, immersive tours, games, and installations. He has made work across a range of sites, spaces, and places including; grand theatres, queer clubs, white cubes, black-boxes, historic watchtowers, city streets, quiet canals, the palm of your hand, and the voices inside your head.

Sebastian will be present a 10/15 min extract from his upcoming show ' Rebels Atlas' - an interactive, multimedia, documentary theatre performance that maps out the intergenerational struggles of East Londoners resisting gentrification, social cleansing, and displacement at Camden People's Theatre on 8pm Thursday 19th March 2020. 


4pm, 15th March

Combining story telling, music and education, this semi-verbatim musical workshop about mental illness in the LGBTQIA2+ community features real stories from queer individuals. HQMU weaves together two characters navigating their gender and sexual identity while struggling with mental illness. The story is intersperced with educational facts and statistics about queer identity and mental health.  The session covers the LGBTQIA2+ accronym with a specific focus on trans and non-binary stories, told by Jakob Noah who identifies as a trans man and Izzy Joan who identifies as non-binary. The two share necessary information that will lead to a better overall understanding of transgender people, needs and experiences. The session also covers the basics of mental health, focusing on the importance of compassion, not only towards LGBTQIA2+ people but to all people.


17th March

Oshanti Ahmed is a Bengali poet by the way of South London. She is a co-parent of youth group Globe poets and the Bitter Fruit collective, as well as being an alumnus of the Roundhouse Poetry Collective 2018/19. Her work often explores the body navigates hostile environments of language, race, austerity and international trauma by suspending it from reality. She has read-across the UK and internationally including Latitude and Hay festival, as well as being featured by the BBC, Fader and the Poetry Society. When she is not writing poems, she is reluctantly completing her English Literature and History undergrad at SOAS.


17th March

sweet, trashy and everything in between…


18th March

Lailah has been obsessed with words forever. She started writing when she was 15, and has since been performing her poetry at open mics. A native East Londoner, she writes about the identity, the diversity of the city and sociopolitical issues surrounding it.


16th March

Father, rapper, lyricist, and Battle rap finalist. Since leaving prison he has dedicated his time to charities and is a respected artist and hard worker.


16th March

Poet, rapper and knowledge of self through expressive arts. Upcoming boxer and student of Sociology at UEL, and is currently Director of the I Can Project: teaching children to overcome adversity.


18th March

Kallum is an all singing all flirting bisexual drag king. He graduated from the Royal Vauxhall Tavern's Art of Drag course back in 2018 and has since been crooning around the London cabaret scene. He can't sit on chairs, is never sure if he's on a date or not, but he'd happily be your ninth wheel.



15th March

We are a collection of different style rappers from North London who look to bring hip hop to the UK by using influences from old school US hip hop and current US hip hop.


17th March

Honey Birch is a poet and musician whose work explores, love, adopted-asian diaspora, and growing up in metropolitan London. 

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