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a campaign against sexual violence

We have fought.

We have flown.

We have frozen.

And we have fucked.


Fight Flight Freeze Fuck is a physical theatre/dance performance exploring sexual violence, consent, kindness and healing.


For once, the burden of speaking sexual violence into existence will not fall on the shoulders of the survivors. In Fight Flight Freeze Fuck our perpetrators, read by a guest performer, admit to their actions in words we chose for them. The stories told actually happened, and they actually happened to each one of us. These stories range from rape to smeared consent.


Where once we went through this violence alone, now we explore the violence again. But this time we stand together. In this performance campaign we use our bodies, push our bodies, paint our bodies, and wash our bodies. We demand that our bodies be our own. 


Current progress:

Fight Flight Freeze Fuck premiered as part of DARE Festival 2018 and was brought back for a second work-in-progress in Erase Erase Erupt Festival 2019.


An early trailer of the work-in-progress can be found here: https://vimeo.com/334717801

With thanks to Upstart Theatre and Shoreditch Town Hall. With thanks to The Field for use of their fantastic space to rehearse. To find out more about their space and their work follow this link: http://thefieldnx.com/

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